Islam Channel Urdu provides to a niche market. Whether it is food, education, business or shopping. Asians throughout the U.K and across the world look to seek out specific services/ products that can facilitate these basic requirements. A television station such as Islam Channel Urdu is a central hub of information for the Urdu speaking market, making it an ideal platform to communicate your business to a relevant audience- thus building more brand awareness and attracting an increase in revenue.

Today, the UK is home to the largest Urdu speaking community in Europe, with a population exceeding 1.17 million. It’s estimated that this figure is set to more than double in the next 15 years. “We have reached yet another milestone as we launch Islam Channel Urdu in providing an essential platform for the Urdu speaking community. Islam Channel Urdu seeks to set itself from the common arenas of Urdu language channels and instead provide a much needed platform for considered thought and reasoned discussion. Above all it seeks to use Islam as a guiding light for quality family orientated channel “said Mohamed Ali, CEO, Islam Channel Urdu.

Islam Channel Urdu programming content includes current affairs, lifestyle, entertainment, documentaries along with religious programming with lectures from world renowned scholars who carefully go through various aspects of Islamic life and explaining the stories at the heart of Islam.

We have a number of unique in-house produced series such as Achi Sehat, Hum Log, Haqeeqat and Aap Ka Sawal

Viewers Statistics

Islam Channel Urdu’s  key audiences are the Urdu speaking segment of British Asians.

According to the 2011 census figures, there are approximately 1.8 million+ British Asians living in Britain today; and out of 1.8 million, 91.5% of those individual class their ethnicity as Pakistanis.

Out of the 91.5% there are estimated 67% of persons that are those whose first language is not English and nearly 19% of individuals cannot speak English well.

According to the 2011 census, there has been a rise in Muslims from Pakistani ethnic background by 32% from 2001. Subsequently, for an audience which is tipped to grow in demographic and economic terms, we intend to put together a wide range of programming that are primarily aimed at the British Asians from Pakistan and/or from other South Asian countries i.e. India, Bangladesh in the comfort of their language.